Mayte Garcia says Prince “would approve” of her memoir about her life with him

Hachette BooksPrince‘s first wife, Mayte Garcia, is sharing intimate details about her marriage and life with the music icon in her newly released memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince.

Garcia, who admits Prince was a private person, says her ex would have approved of her book.

“He was a private person, but he also liked to share,” Mayte tells ABC Radio. “If you ever walked into Paisley [Park,] he gave you everything that he could.”

According to the former dancer, Prince’s private nature stemmed from his desire to protect those he loved. Mayte explains that her memoir helps to show that rarely seen open side of him.

“He was a very giving person and this was something that I had to share,” she says. “It was my story as well.”

Garica, who married Prince on Valentine’s Day in 1996 at the age of 22, says she met him at “a time that he was most social.” She adds that the musician was very giving and open with those he loved and respected.

As for what she thinks he would have felt about her revealing memoir, Mayte says she’d love if her ex could just simply contact her and let her know.

“I wish that there was a way he could email us,” she laughs. “I think about that. I know that he would approve of the way that this was done.”

Mayte Garcia’s The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince is available for purchase now.

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