Caleb James


Caleb first got started in radio when he was in high school after needing a blow off class for a credit. Administration wouldn’t allow him to take another gym class so he decided on the next easiest offering, which was from the school’s radio/tv broadcast department. None of this is made up btw. On the first day of class the instructor gave a writing assignment titled “why do you want to be in this class?”. Knowing nothing about radio, Caleb proceeded to write three pages of sarcastic banter about how he was just trying to graduate and how there wasn’t a lot of intention to take the class seriously. The paper was read by the instructor in front of the class the next day and completely embarrassed Caleb. After concluding the read, the instructor said that the writing was truthful, funny, and addressed relatable concerns that most students had about their future. Caleb spent the next year learning about the responsibilities that are included in the business. After high school he attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Since graduation, Caleb has worked as an intern, board operator, promotions assistant, producer, on-air personality, music director, and then as a program director for several radio brands. In his spare time, Caleb loves taking trips to Lake Michigan, riding motorcycles, playing basketball, and looks forward to a great movie night with pizza.