Samantha James


Where do I begin – I guess I can start with my dodgy accent.  I have lived in three different countries and six different states.  I spent most of my childhood in England but have always considered the Midwest my American home. I do value my British roots though.  There is something about that tiny rain-soaked island that produces so much amazing music.  Of course for me, the only British invasion that counts happened in the eighties!

Why do I love the eighties so much?  I am a big believer that whatever is happening with music when you buy your first record will be the music you love for life.  The first album I ever bought was Blondie – Parallel Lines.  (Yes I still have it.)  I was a tween and teenager in the eighties and music was everything.  I was in love with John Taylor from Duran Duran.  I was convinced Annie Lennox and I could be best friends and I really wanted to party with the girls from Bananarama.   (I had a very questionable fashion phase of only wearing overalls because of them). During the eighties I lived at live shows.  It would be easier for me to tell you who I didn’t see than who I did.  I even saw the tour where Duran Duran opened for Blondie which was pretty spectacular.

So join me for weekends at Sunny and I’ll fill you in on what your favorite eighties artists are up to while playing the incredible songs you loved from that decade.