Jack, Caleb and Traci


Every weekday morning from 5 until 9, Jack Reichert, Caleb James, and Traci Cappelman take over the airwaves on Sunny 101.5. With features Like Radio Paparazzi, Go Figure, Tell Me Something Good, Chick Flix, What’s wrong with Name That Tune, as well as great giveaway’s, and MORE!

Jack Reichert was born and raised in the South Bend area and has been on the air in this market over 30 years. A veteran on the Sunny morning show since 1987! The concept was to entertain the audience with off the wall humor and inform the audience about local and national news and events. With his unique brand of humor, Jack has developed an extremely loyal following, there’s no accounting for taste.  Jack enjoys watching TV show in black and white.

Caleb James was born and raised in southeast Michigan. Caleb James, a veteran broadcaster, brings his larger-than-life personality to Michiana. He effortlessly balances humility and bombast, making every moment unpredictable and entertaining. With his heart on his sleeve and a knack for occasionally putting his foot in his mouth, Caleb is socially connected and always ready to discuss the hottest topics of the day. He has a unique talent for turning everyday matters into intriguing conversations and adding humor to anything interesting.

Traci Capellman joined the morning show in July, 2016 teaming up with Jack Reichert. “What an incredible way to start the morning”, says Traci. “Laughing and having a blast…and jump-starting Michiana’s day in a great way!  Traci has over 2 decades in broadcast in Northern Indiana/Southwest Michigan, coming to us from nearly twenty years as the local Fox TV 28 Evening News Anchor.

Traci Capellman is a fun, caring, uplifting co-host. She loves to laugh with Jack and Caleb and tell feel-good stories that help people start a great day. She is a huge “family” person and loves to spend time with her husband Steve and daughters, Delaney and Londyn. Whether it’s visiting her daughter at IU or watching her younger daughter compete in swim meets, she never misses anything they are involved in. Traci and her family love their three golden retrievers, checking out new restaurants and entertainment, doing home improvement projects, and above all else, relaxing on the beach and boating on Lake Michigan.

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