I’m the guy who keeps you company on Saturday mornings with plenty of energy.

Have some pretty in depth music knowledge, an occasional silly pet story involving my ‘Monsters’ at home and whatever else might be happening in this crazy world we live in that I believe might just be relevant to you as well. In many ways I’ve got the greatest job in the world!

Love watching Notre Dame and Colts Football(Sorry Bears Fans) and you might find this hard to believe but WWE Wrestling(but you DON’T have to acknowledge me)

Love collecting music related memorabilia and I’ve got a pretty good ‘Green Thumb’ and can grow some pretty darn good veggies as long as Mother Nature cooperates a bit.

Working in my yard is a great stress reliever for me. LOVE to mow. In fact, if I was much younger, I’d probably mow the whole neighborhood.

Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy what you hear!