Zack East


Monday-Friday 10a-Noon & 1p-3p

Hey there Michiana, I’m Zack East. As a child of the 80s and 90s, Sunny is like my musical center-of-the-universe. I especially love our Totally 80s Weekend. I am originally from Michigan City, and now live just a little bit across the border in Michigan. I’ve been in radio for over 25 years around the area, first as a little intern helping you get bumper stickers at events in my 20s, programming radio stations, performing at events, and now I am incredibly happy to be with you each workday on Sunny 101.5.

My goal is to keep you informed and moving throughout your workday, taking time to laugh for a moment about the silliest things we find in life, and sharing some background on some of your favorite artists. I appreciate you listening, and if I can do anything to brighten your day, you just let me know: